Whitney lawsuit sees shake-up in U.S. Federal District Court

One defendant and portions of a lawsuit filed by former Franklin General Hospital employee Nicole Whitney were recently dismissed in U.S. Federal District Court.

     FGH Human Resources Manager Victoria Kruse was voluntarily dismissed from the suit without prejudice by Judge Mark Bennett on Jan. 24, according to court documents. Additionally, certain claims against FGH CEO Kim Price; Franklin General Hospital; Mercy Health Services Iowa Corp.; Mercy Health Network, Inc.; and Franklin County were dismissed from the lawsuit on Feb. 3. Counts I through V of Whitney’s amended complaint against the defendants remain, and a June 1, 2015 jury trial date has been set to decide the matter, court documents state.

     Whitney’s original lawsuit alleged numerous wrongdoings against seven defendants: former doctor and FGH medical director Brian J. Hansen; Kruse; Price; Mercy Health Network, Inc.; Mercy Health Services ╨Iowa Corp.; Franklin General Hospital; and Franklin County.

Read the full article in the February 12 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.