Timber! Old trees cleared out from Harriman Park last week

The sawdust was flying, branches were breaking, and logs were rolling last week at Harriman Park in Hampton.

     Sixteen trees were cut down at the park. Wilson’s Custom Tree Trimming of Cresco was hired to do the clearing, which included only dead, dying or diseased trees.

     “The trees were already dying and were a hazard, so this was really the only option,” said Hampton Tree Board Chair Dick Lukensmeyer. “They’ve been there a long time.”

     Lukensmeyer estimated that the bur oak and walnut trees were around 70 years old. The tree trimming company paid Hampton $3,500 for the harvested lumber, and Lukensmeyer explained the money would go towards replacement trees at the park.

Read the full article in the February 12 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.