Think outside the box for New Year’s Resolution

Editorial: The New Year is officially underway, as are our resolutions.

If you haven’t gotten around to starting your resolution yet or just don’t know what your goals are, don’t fret because any time is a good time to take steps to better your life and those around you.

New Year’s Resolutions don’t necessarily have to be about weight loss and eating better. While it’s never a bad idea to focus on those if you desire, other causes are worthy of your attention as well. If you’re looking for something a little different, here are some resolutions that might be outside of the norm.

Increasing your volunteering or donating is one way to not only feel better about yourself, but its an invaluable asset to your neighbors an the community as a whole. When asked to help out at a community event, a school activity or anything that needs an extra set of hands, say “yes” from time to time. While volunteering is about helping others, there are benefits to you as an individual. lists networking, stress and anxiety relief, increase of self-confidence and more as positives that come from volunteering.

As far as donating, there’s always a need for food, clothing and just money in general in the community. Food and clothing drives exist throughout the year, so don’t be afraid to give a few bucks if you can or spare that good coat that has been sitting in the closet for a while.

Get out and explore all that Franklin County and Iowa as a whole have to offer. The county’s cities are full of specialty shops and restaurants that offer a wide array of selections. Beeds Lake State Park, the Hampton Aquatic Center, the Latimer Splash Pad and so much more provide plenty of opportunities to have fun without having to go far. A day full of excitement could just be right down the road.

Iowa in general is quietly becoming a state full of hidden gems. Travel Iowa is a good source to plan a weekend or a day trip without having to break the budget or rack up the miles on the car.

Work on your bucket list a little. While your bucket list may have extravagant items that are just limited to dreams, there has to be one or two items that would be easily doable. If you have the means to take that trip or see that concert, do it. If most of your items are too out of reach, add new ones and achieve those. Join that club that challenges you to step outside your comfort zone, start a hobby in which you’ve had interest but haven’t began or just let your curiosity take you places.

A New Year’s Resolution doesn’t have to be full of dread or a goal that you don’t believe you can complete. Any positive change in your life can be a suitable resolution.