Teggatz injured at Dick Pollitt Invite

Hampton-Dumont’s Parker Allen (269) leads this group of runners to the finish line at the Dick Pollitt Go-Hawk Invite on Tuesday, Sept. 5. (Kristi Nixon/Hampton Chronicle)

WAVERLY – Amid all of the changes at the Dick Pollitt Go-Hawk Invite – a combined freshman-sophomore and junior-senior race as well as a different route – the biggest story for Hampton-Dumont on Tuesday, Sept. 5 was that its star senior went out of the race with an injury.

Patty Teggatz rolled her ankle at about the mile mark according to head coach Traci Moorehead, and yet she kept on for at least another mile, running 12th until at least the turn for the second loop on the Wartburg Max cross country course before dropping out.

Previously, this meet held eight high school races – freshman, sophomore, junior and senior – for each boys’ and girls’ division and Teggatz medaled her freshman through junior seasons.

The full story runs in the Sept. 13 print and online editions of the Hampton Chronicle.