Supervisors move forward with appointments Monday

The Franklin County Board of Supervisors expressed concern on Monday about a lack of interested people willing to serve on various county-level boards and committees.

     The supervisors are in the process of finding replacements for a list of vacancies they need to fill relatively soon. Many terms on committees like the Board of Adjustment, Board of Health, Civil Service and Condemnation Compensation Commission expired at the end of last year, and they need to be filled relatively soon. However, the supervisors have had a hard time finding people to appoint.

     “I’ve asked a few people, but people don’t want to make the commitment,” Supervisor Corey Eberling said during the group’s discussion about a Board of Health appointment. “As a far as public health, we can’t [appoint] right now.”

Read the full article in the Jan. 8 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.