Still looking for a New Year’s Resolution? Get involved

If you’re still struggling to come up with a New Year’s Resolution, there’s a simple one that’s always appreciated no matter the time of the year; get involved in your community.

Volunteer, non-profit and other civic organizations strive year-round to make Franklin County and its communities attractive places to live and work and to raise a family. At the heart of most expansion or improvement efforts by these bodies is the hope to broaden and strengthen opportunities for citizens.

One way to show appreciation for these efforts is to just simply participate in the activities and services these groups provide to the community. Attend a play, shop local, pitch in with clean-up efforts. By supporting community events and attractions, the organizing bodies will continue to be able promote the community, its people and quality of life in Franklin County. As the community becomes more visible in the public eye, the pride in calling yourself a citizen here increases.

If you think your voice or your presence is too small to make a difference, that’s untrue. Everyone’s support and promotion adds a little momentum to the goal of helping the county and its cities and villages grow and continue to be an enjoyable place to live.