Snow peddlers: Winter fat bike race coming to Maynes Grove

A 10-mile fat bike race will be held at Maynes Grove on Saturday, Feb. 16, as part of Iowa Falls’ the Winter Rec Fest SUBMITTED PHOTO

Hampton will be the stage for one of Winter Rec Fest’s most unique events.

Due to issues the ice on the Iowa River in Iowa Falls, organizers announced recently that the Winter Rec Fest Fat Bike Race will take place separate from the rest of the festival’s events on Saturday, Feb. 16 at Maynes Grove.

The race is an approximate 10-mile jaunt around the Maynes Grove grounds and snow is preferred. “Fat bike” refers to the bike’s tire size. The race requires bicycles with a minimum tire width of 3.8 inches, which helps the bike navigate the winter conditions.

“They’re made to float more on soft surfaces such as snow, sand and other off road situations,” said Tyler Duit, a sponsor of the race.

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