Shop local this holiday season

Editorial: As we turn the corner into the busiest shopping season of the year. Take a moment to shop your local stores before heading out to the retail shopping hubs and clicking the keypads of your computers. The folks who sell their wares here in Franklin County are key components and tenants of our community. Without them, our businesses throughout our communities would be boarded up, our communities would be ghost towns, our schools wouldn’t be as strong, and truthfully, there would be less jobs to be found.

The national average states that every dollar spent in a store is traditionally spent atleast three times over. But here’s the other thing to keep in mind. When you drive to a neighboring community you may save a nickel here or a dime there, but your time is valuable, the expense of operating your vehicle is higher, and traditionally, that bite to eat at the restaurant isn’t free.

So in the end, what are you really saving? By shopping locally, you strengthen your local economies. Let’s make the 2017 holiday shopping season one for the ages here in Franklin County.