Sheffield shows support for Police Chief

File photo of Police Chief Sam Cain

Dozens show up at Council meeting to support Sam Cain

     Dozens of people were packed into the Sheffield City Hall for an explosive City Council meeting on Monday night, which involved a performance review of the Police Chief and the review of ride along policies with the Sheffield Police Department.

     Moved to the top of the agenda, and changed to an open session by request of the Chief, the crowd was there for a performance review of Police Chief Sam Cain.

     To start the discussion Christopher Fenimore, a new resident of Sheffield spoke a few minutes about a recent traffic stop involving his son.

     “Sam should not have searched my son’s car like he is some kind of drug addict,” Fenimore said. “Nobody got a phone call; that’s pretty low, I believe he was harassed.”

     Sam noted that no charges were filed against the kid and he consented to the search.

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