Sheffield’s Shannon Latham enters state senate race for district 27

Sheffield resident and Vice President of local area seed supplier Latham Seeds, Alexander, Shannon Latham has officially cast her hat as the Republican candidate for the 2018 Iowa State Senate Race for District 27. Democratic Senator Amanda Ragan, who has won the district consecutively since her special election victory in 2002, currently holds the seat.

Latham, a resident of Sheffield since 2003, entered into the legislative race late last week, on her platform of education, economic development and revitalizing rural Iowa. According to a press release from the Republican Party of Iowa, “Latham recognizes the value of a strong education system that works for all Iowa students. Through an emphasis on trade schools and individualized learning, Latham believes in building a quality workforce by helping students reach their full potential and ensuring graduates are career-ready.”

“Right now, I’m just in listening mode,” Latham said. “I don’t want to get any preconceived notions. I want to meet with people who live and work here, talk with them and talk about what really are priorities for them. If I’d get elected, it is about representing the people who live and work here.”

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