Reader speaks against attack ads aimed at Sen. Ragan

To the editor:

The attack ads claiming State Sen. Amanda Ragan is a different person in Des Moines than she is back home aren’t worth a hill of beans. I know, because I served in the legisla-ture with Sen. Ragan for eight years.

Sen. Ragan worked across party lines with Rep. Linda Upmeyer in 2013 to help more than 150,000 Iowans get health insurance and mental health coverage.

Raised on a family farm near Rockwell, Amanda Ragan has not forgotten her rural roots. She’s served on the Senate Agriculture Committee and fought for ethanol and soy biodiesel.

Amanda Ragan brings the values she has learned running the Community Kitchen and Meals on Wheels in Mason City to work with her every day in Des Moines. Amanda has a distinguished record of serving people and creating opportunities for people to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives in North Iowa.

Don’t be misled by cam-paign attack ads. Amanda Ra-gan is one of us. We need to keep her working for us in the State Senate.

Mark Kuhn,

Charles City