No new leads in Kazmerzak case; DCI interviews family on Monday

Hampton man Ethan Kazmerzak is still missing, and Hampton police Chief Bob Schaefer said Monday that there are no new leads in the case that is now more than two weeks old.

     "There is nothing new," Schaefer said. "No new leads. He is still missing."

     Schaefer said active searches for Kazmerzak have been halted and now it's "a waiting game" as to his whereabouts.

     "There is no place else to look," Schaefer added. "We did everything that we could."

     On Monday, a representative from the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations came to Hampton to visit with the Kazmerzak family – mother April Hemmes and father Tom Kazmerzak. Schaefer said the agent interviewed family members and essentially went over the case with them.

Read the full article in the October 2 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.