New year, new reasons to be excited

Editorial: A new year is upon us here in Franklin County and there are plenty of things to be excited about as we look ahead in 2019.

The city, county and state levels have all unveiled and announced new ventures, grants and programs that will provide jobs, recreational opportunities and new businesses in the area.

In this day and age, it’s refreshing to see local leaders focus on not just keeping the communities afloat, but ensuring they continue to grow and advance. A focus on job recruitment by the Franklin County Development Association, new industries and businesses coming to both the rural areas and the county’s cities, a concentrated effort to bring a recreational complex to Hampton and so much more shows that we live in an area that not only wants its people to be happy, but wants to share the area as well.

These new steps, coupled with steps taken in the previous year, are exciting but they also don’t take away from the things that already existed in the area. The recreational and entertainment opportunities, businesses and services that Franklin County offers certainly make our area seem bigger than it is population wise and that, too, is a credit to people who aren’t afraid to put their best foot forward.

The year ahead looks exciting for Franklin County and if previous years are any indication, it will be.