New coverage, same great fair

Ahead of next week’s Franklin County Fair, Mid-America Publishing’s Franklin County papers are excited to announce new types of coverage for this year’s 2017 Franklin County Fair.

Unfortunately, Mid-America Publishing will no longer be printing the daily edition of the fair’s Daily Press. With Mid-America Publishing’s desire to offer more multimedia coverage, as well as maintain its standard of coverage in its newspapers, the company will instead be printing two separate editions for fair-goers to experience the week’s events through: the Fair Times Weekender, and the Fair Times Revue.

The Fair Times Weekender will be available Friday afternoon, July 21, ahead of the Grandstand Performance of Hairball, for fair-goers to catch up on event projects, contests, competitions, as well as hidden stories that make the Franklin County Fair so enjoyable.

The Fair Times Revue will be available in all print editions Wednesday, July 26, following the fair, and will be a culmination of the week’s activities featuring collage’s of photos and stories that made up the week’s celebration. It will be inserted into that week’s editions of the Sheffield Press and Hampton Chronicle, along with the Fair Times Weekender, for those who were unable to get a copy at the fair.

In addition to this product, Mid-America Publishing will also be implementing a Snapchat filter for those that have the Snapchat Application on their smartphone. We encourage fairgoers to take pictures and videos at the fair using the app, and then sending us the photo so that we highlight your activities at the fair on our Facebook page, our papers and in a fair-end movie. Simply save the photo from Snapchat and text the photo with your name, to 515-216-3880.

For those that want to share their stories from the fair in other ways, simply share your photos on Facebook, making sure to include “#MAPCFC17” in the post so that we can share it with the community.

In addition, our staff and reporters will be shooting videos of the fair to include as part of fair-end video to be shared with our viewers.

We hope everyone takes part in all aspects of the fair, and we look forward to having a good time, with you.

*Snapchat is a picture-messaging app that allows you to communicate through pictures, videos and text with contacts in your phone. If you do not have Snapchat but would like to use it for the occasion, the app is free and available on Android and iOS devices, in the app store.

Anyone with the Snapchat app connected to the user location can use the filter to show their friends where they are and what Franklin County Fair is like.

Users can take a photo using Snapchat, then swipe the screen to the right to find the Hampton Chronicle’s filter, which will be an overlay on top of the photo that they took.

The filter will premiere on July 19 and run through the end of the fair on July 23.

Users are invited to save the photos that they take using the filter and upload them either on our Facebook page or by texting your name and photo to 515-216-3880. Please no phone calls.