Murky future ahead for Redemption Center

Robert Arnold, left, and Mark Kellison sort through bottles at the Redemption Center.  Each PVC is labeled by brand and leads to a large bag underneath.  (Photo by Nick Pedley, Hampton Chronicle)
Mark Kellison, left; Jose Rodriguez, middle; and Robert Arnold, right; sort through beer cans Nov. 26 at the Redemption Center. (Photo by Nick Pedley, Hampton Chronicle)

Hampton’s Redemption Center may be forced to close in the spring if its owners are unable to find another location for the business.

     The building that houses the recycling operation was recently sold to Alan Berneman, who plans on transforming the property into a classic car dealership. Andrea Rodriguez, who operates the Redemption Center with her family, said the business will remain open at its present location until May. She explained that they’re looking for a new building to rent, but it’s proven rather difficult thus far.

     “As of right now, we’re still unsure at the moment,” Rodriguez said. “There’s a lot of places, but they just aren’t affordable.”

Read the full article in the Dec. 4 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.