Looking forward to 2019: Things to keep an eye on in the new year

Happy New Year, Chronicle readers. Last week, the Hampton Chronicle staff compiled a list of highlights from 2018. This week, just hours into 2019, the staff has selected things they are keeping an eye on throughout the new year. With new events and businesses, as well as existing favorites sticking around another year, 2019 promises to be an exciting year in Franklin County.


Winter lasted well into April of 2018, with a winter storm as late as April 17. This caused delays in the planting season. Aside from the late snow, the growing season faced periods of scorching temperatures in the summer and flood-inducing rain in October. The year ended with little in the way of snowfall and precipitation as a whole and the Farmers Almanac projections show that most of January 2019 could be without snow. Hopefully the (projected) mild start the year is an indicator that this year’s crop cycle will not be as unpredictable.

Plans to take shape:

The city of Hampton late last year began the early stages of development towards at an outdoor athletic complex. The council approved a preliminary design of features, which included multiple playing fields for baseball, softball and soccer, as well amenities such as parking, a shed/concession stand and more.

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