Local author to host book signing Dec. 14

She's written three books in five years, but Hampton author Gail Soberg-Sorenson feels like she's just getting started.

     "I've always been writing," she said. "It's something I really enjoy doing, and I plan to keep doing as long as I can."

     Soberg-Sorenson recently celebrated the release of her mystery novel "Life After Death." The book was the third in a three-part series and was precluded by her first novel, "Button, Button," and her second, "Vengeance." The trilogy was Soberg-Sorenson's first crack at published writing, and she explained the journey has been fun since she began "Button, Button" in 2008.

     "I yearned to write suspense," she said. "I figured once I hit my 60th year I had better start doing it, because if I didn't start then I probably would never get to it."

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