Letter to the editor


Disappointed in lack of support of Geneva elected officials

To the editor:

The town of Geneva just celebrated their first Market Day with great success.  

 I spent several hours donating my time to my hometown and can say I had fun doing this not only for the community, but also for myself.  It was a lot of fun remembering things about Geneva and seeing old friends that I had not seen for some time.

The Geneva Betterment Committee should take great pride in the success they achieved.  But, I do have concerns for the town.  In the hours I spent there helping prepare for the event, and the hours I spent helping at the Market, I was totally surprised to see the lack of participation of the community members and the elected officers such as the mayor and council members that were voted in to represent Geneva.  How can you hold an elected position if you do not believe in your community and take pride in representing the people.  Is it just the title you are after, or is it a mater of boycotting others?  And how can you as citizens, want representation from someone that does NOT want to promote your community?  Is was a great opportunity and many of you tried your hardest to make it flop!  Guess what...........it did NOT flop and you are the ones that lost out on a great celebration.

Hats off to all those that donated, participated and supported the event to make this first annual Market successful.  With this getting closer to election time, I hope you as citizens remember who worked hard and represented your town and that you vote accordingly.

To a bigger and better Market next year, you can count on my support and participation.

Sharon Fistler