Letter to the Editor


"Selling" Poppies


     "Selling" poppies was a way of life when I was very young,

     And I walked from door-to-door in town feeling kind of dumb.

     But I did it and now my attitude has changed and I feel proud,

     To distribute poppies in support and speak for veterans loud.


     I've noticed that past veterans are the ones who contribute most,

     As the Auxiliary ladies for a few days "man" their post.

     And that seems strange that again they give who already did their due,

     When we ALL benefit and should heartily support THEM, too.


     Some people walk past real fast and go merrily on their way,

     When ladies sit by the tables during Auxiliary poppy days.

     Is offering some help to veterans too big a price to pay,

     For having just that very fact of freedom to ignore one's responsibility?


     Shouldn't everyone appreciate our veterans who do the task,

     Who were wounded or maybe died to keep American's liberty, I ask?

     And for that we should be most thankful and gratefully display,

     Our flags and wear a poppy each and every Memorial Day.


     Melba Muhlenbruch

     24 18th Ave. N.E.