Letter to the Editor


Coulter citizen questions actions of council member


                When you have an issue in a community, you take the issue to your city council. When your issue is with a city council member and how this member is representing you as a citizen and how he/she is representing your city council, you’d think you would also bring this issue to your city council. Unfortunately, when we did this we were told it’s not a council issue. They didn’t care how their council member was acting.

     When we asked the council to equally uphold the ordinances and laws and not punish or segregate one or a select few individuals, we were told by a council member at a council meeting that if a law was being broken in a “responsible” way it was OK to do so, but if the law is being broken in a hazardous way then it should be upheld as illegal.

     Unfortunately, I’m ashamed to be represented by my city council. The council refused to deal with how their council member is behaving. The council wants to pick and choose when they will follow the ordinances and laws.

     So how does a citizen file a complaint against a council member? A council member files a complaint against one of our citizens, and the citizen receives a letter stating they should present themselves at the next council meeting. I present the very same issue to the council about a council member and I’m told by a council member at the council meeting to call the sheriff. So why won’t my complaint be dealt with in the same manner?

     So ashamed to be a citizen of this town!


    Ann M. Schulz