Letter to the Editor

Reader thanks community for support of petition against colored blacktop of main street

To the editor:

     I want to thank all the people who took the time to read and sign the survey for me to give to Hampton City Council. A total of 56 people signed it wanting the city to SAVE the money for future street and alley improvements, and no one wanted to spend the money to imprint and color the blacktop red. The chamber and main street director said we needed it so people coming into town could find the main street, and it would look good.

     The Heartland Asphalt representative that was at the meeting said the money saved would resurface about 1.5 blocks in town. The council members all voted to spend the money to imprint and paint the crosswalks downtown instead of fixing the streets and alleys that are in terrible shape.

     My comment was, “We need to decide between what we want and what we need. Many of you told me when I talked to you that it would not make any difference to the council, but I believe we should always try to do what we believe is best for this town.”

     At least the council knows how we believe the money should have been spent.

Sandra J. Brouwer,