Leaders look forward: State, local officials sound off on the year ahead

Brook Boehmler, Hampton Mayor

A new year means new beginnings. The turning of the calendar is an appropriate time to reflect on the successes from the year before and look forward to the year ahead. Each New Year comes with a new set of challenges and a replenished bank of hope and optimism and that’s no different for community officials. Local governmental representatives revealed what they see as potential highlights and challenges in the year to come.

Brook Boehmler, Hampton Mayor

Hampton Mayor Brook Boehmler said 2018 was full of successes for the city, most of which centered around the beginning stages of the outdoor recreation complex. He said the way the community joined together to begin planning the project left a lot of hope for 2019.

“One of the things I saw was having the community come together to work on the complex and help prioritize, and getting people involved with the future where Hampton is going.”

He said he’s excited to see that planning continue and said that it will not only make 2019 a great year, but all future years will have plenty of excitement.

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