Latimer Fire Chief steps down, Folkerts steps up

Mike Keehn (left) and Bryan Folkerts (right) sitting in a firetruck. HUNTER SHEVER/HAMPTON CHRONICLE

After 25 years as Fire Chief and 33 total years with the department, Mike Keehn has stepped down from the position with the Latimer Fire Department.

“It’s just time for someone else to be in charge,” Keehn said when asked about the time of his retirement.

Keehn will remain a volunteer fire fighter for the remainder of his tenure. Keehn remembers his time as chief as one of comradery with his fellow fire fighters and the lives that he has saved over the last 33 years of service.

Keehn has been called to many accidents to help the emergency personnel at the scene. One accident that Keehn remembers clearly involved a young woman from Des Moines who fell asleep while driving in 2003. She had been missing for five days before emergency personnel found her car in a creek. They immediately got to work on freeing her legs from the wreckage so they could get her some medical attention.

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