La Luz begins Conversational Spanish sessions

La Luz Hispana Director Claudia Rivera jots down words on a dry erase board during Conversational Spanish at La Luz last week. The hour long session allows people to come and practice their Spanish skills. GREG FORBES/HAMPTON CHRONICLE

As English-speaking members of the community sat and held a conversation in Spanish, La Luz Hispana Associate Director Aimee Hanson couldn’t help but smile. The round table chat last Wednesday was the first installment of Conversational Spanish at La Luz and Hanson said she couldn’t have been more appreciative of people taking time out of their days to attempt to improve on their Spanish speaking skills.

“Language is fun. Language opens up so many doors,” she said. “It allows you to meet new people, it allows you to talk with your neighbors and it allows you to travel more comfortably if you have an adventurous spirit.”

Conversational Spanish is a casual, one hour session where anyone wanting to sharpen up their knowledge of the Spanish language can come and participate in a discussion. It’s not a formal class or one segmented by lessons, but rather pressure free conversation.

“We’re not doing a formal class so we have the freedom to go on tangents and chase down those phrases or words we want to learn more about,” Hanson said. “We go wherever the conversation takes us and that’s very beneficial for us to learn what we want to learn in the moment.”

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