Know what to do with leaves and snow


Leaves are off the trees, which means they have to fall some-where.

Hamptonites have hit their lawns to rake up the bounty of the season and much like mow-ing in the fall, city officials want to make sure waste is disposed of properly.

The city has reminded citi-zens that leaves are not to be moved from lawns to city streets.

Leaves swept into the street pose safety hazards for pedes-trians and can cause blocks in storm drains.

Leaves are to be disposed of by placing piles in trash bags or by burning. On Nov. 1, the city lifted its burn ban to allow residents to burn leaves and other fall waste. The ban lift ends on Nov. 31.

Burning can begin at noon until city street lights come on and must be controlled and monitored. Burns must be con-ducted at least 20 feet from a structure.

Properly disposing of leaves helps city crews remain efficient and focused on its schedule, instead of having to address issues related to complications due to blockages.

Soon, rakes will have to be turned in for shovels. While the first snow already fell, heavier accumulations are not far away.

Like summer and fall, the city has ordinances in place to keep residents safe and allow city crews to do their jobs without added obstacles.

Snow must be removed from sidewalks within 48 hours after snowfall ends. Failure to do so can result in a minimum penalty of $30.

In significant snow events, the city will issue snow ordi-nances, which means cars must be removed from streets and alleyways to allow crews to conduct snow removal proce-dures and cannot be parked in those areas until the city lifts the ordinance.

Cars may be moved onto private lawns, but must be moved back to regular parking 24 hours after the ordinance is canceled.

Mother nature is active all seasons and can leave messes behind on any given day. While there are professionals to keep the city clean, we too have a responsibility to make sure they are able to do their jobs effectively, safely and efficiently.

For more information as to city code regarding leaf and snow removal, contact the city or visit