Knipfel already earning high praise

Hampton-Dumont graduate Josh Knipfel earned praise from ISU head coach Matt Campbell during Iowa State football media day on Thursday, Aug. 3. (Kristi Nixon/Hampton Chronicle)

AMES – Upon hearing he’d received high praise from Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell, Hampton-Dumont graduate Josh Knipfel took an ‘aw, shucks’ attitude.

He simply said that he’s tried to work hard to make an impression and it must have worked because during the Thursday, Aug. 3 Iowa State Media Day press conference, Campbell called Knipfel a player who will give his team ‘instant gratification.’

Unprompted, Campbell mentioned Knipfel by name first when asked about this recruiting class.

“I think collectively, the offensive line…is the best group of young men we have five scholarship offensive linemen all five will have a chance to be really high-end players here at some point,” Campbell said. “You throw in Josh Knipfel who comes in right at the end and a guy who is going to give us instant gratification, to come and help our football team have success.”

Knipfel’s reaction was distinctly humble.

“I guess I appreciate it,” Knipfel said. “I didn’t know. I just came in and worked hard. Hard work pays off, I guess. I didn’t know he said that, it’s exciting.”

The full story will appear in the Aug. 9 print and online editions of the Hampton Chronicle.