King stops in Hampton before Election Day

Representative Steve King visited supporters in Hampton on Monday, Nov. 5. TRAVIS FISCHER/ HAMPTON CHRONICLE

U.S. Representative Steve King made a last minute stop in Hampton on Monday to shore up support on the day before the midterm elections.

Visiting with a group of supporters at Godfather's Pizza, King emphasized the need for party support to continue Republican control over the three branches of government.

King expressed his satisfaction with the seating of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and anticipated the seating of additional conservative justices if Republicans maintain control of Washington through 2024.

"When the end of the Trump era comes to an end in six years, I think we see a 7-2 Supreme Court," said King. "Then it'll be time for Kagen and Sotomayor to fall in love with each other and elope to Cuba."

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