Keep it clean this summer

The great outdoors and summer go hand-in-hand.

Camping, hiking, fishing, cookouts and everything in between are always at the ready when temperatures crack 80 degrees. No doubt summer is one of the more enjoyable times of the year because of the constant slate of activities. We appreciate the times we can get together with friends and family to hit the trail, have a picnic, catch a music festival and just bask in the sun.

The best way to thank Mother Nature for the opportunity to do so isn’t complicated. All it involves is making sure that what you bring for those picnics and fishing trips comes back with you. By cleaning up after ourselves, we set an example for others around us and increase the possibility of future generations enjoying those same activities. It isn’t a hard thing to pick up trash and secure items that could blow away in the wind.

For cookouts, make sure all trash is disposed in a reliable trashcan and food waste is out of reach for wildlife. If using live fire, always check to see if flames are out before leaving.

With fishing trips, make sure all discarded fishing line makes it back to shore. Fishing line can pose a serious threat to fish, ducks and even boat motors.

Biking, hiking and other excursions too come with ways to preserve nature. Stay on trails and try not to disturb natural habitat you come across.

The parks, trails and waters of Iowa are all valuable resources. Most of us have seen first hand the joy they bring others and us. Why wouldn’t we want to keep them safe and clean for the future?

Additionally, professionals work tirelessly to keep up the grounds on which we have our get-togethers. It never hurts to make their job a little easier.

So as you enjoy summer, keep that water bottle close, throw your trash away and most importantly, have fun.