Keep Hampton clean this mowing season

Editorial: Snow is gone (for now) and the city is in bloom.

Mowing lawns has become a regular event now that rain and sunny, warmer weather are frequenting forecasts once again. But before you fire up the mower, consider a few guidelines that will keep the city clean and keep you from a citation.

The City of Hampton does have an ordinance in place to make sure lawns are kept maintained properly. The code states that grass cannot reach more than six inches in height. Property owners that let lawns reach heights more than six inches will first receive a notice to mow. If action is not taken, then the city will hire someone to mow and bill the property owner. A municipal infraction is possible as well.

There’s language in the ordinance that also addresses what happens after a lawn is mowed. Grass blown onto public roadways is also a violation of city ordinance. This exists to prevent storm sewers from being blocked. The city reported two clogged storm drains due to grass clippings as early as the second week of May last year. Mowers are advised to bag clippings and dispose of them properly. Failure to keep grass clippings off roadways is punishable by a citation.

Additionally, the city wants to remind property owners that properties are to be free of weeds. The city defines noxious weeds as “grasses, annual plants and vegetation, other than trees or shrubs provided.” Gardens and cultivated flowers are not included. Failure to remove weeds will result in a notice and then a bill for hired removal if the weeds are left untouched.

Spring into summer is full of new growth and natural beauty and it’s our responsibility to make sure the city reflects the same.