This isn’t Washington

HAMPTON CHRONICLE OPINION: With the advent of the digital and information age, it’s almost impossible to disconnect. It seems like these days our attention is constantly being pulled away from our surroundings and into the news on our screens. The pings and vibrations prime us to constantly be on guard for what’s coming next, and what we’ll read in the comments sections. We may not notice it, and there may be nothing to truly to do about it, but this constant involvement with the larger world around us hinders our ability to differentiate our individual communities from our country at large.

We must remember that we are not Washington; we’re not the global, socioeconomic jigsaw puzzle. We are a county, a community and a family. It would do us well to remember that in our dealings with each other. The disdain and apathy we may hold for our leaders and the world at large should not be passed down to our local leaders and our tight-knit communities.

We must remember that our local officials live the same lives we do, under the same conditions and with the same neighbors. It would be wise of us to remember that our community members want the best for their homes, and that as our own neighbors, are more inclined to listen to us, and share our concerns and opinions for how to make improvements to the lives we live every single day.

We are not Washington. We are not in the business of dividing. We are friends. We are neighbors. It would do us well to remember that.