Hernandez, Sr. McCarthy to step down from roles at La Luz later this year

Later this year, Sr. Carmen Hernandez and Sr. Maura McCarthy will step down from their roles as Executive Director and Associate Executive Director, respectively, at La Luz Hispana.

Hernandez was recently elected President of the Sisters of Presentation of Dubuque, a group of Catholic women who strive for community betterment through prayer, service and hospitality, along with three other Sisters. She will begin her service in the position on June 3, which requires her to move to Dubuque.

The new position will allow her and the team to address major issues such as human trafficking and immigration, as well as oversee the management of the mother house for retired Sisters in Dubuque.

McCarthy plans to retire from her position with La Luz. Previously, she served as a missionary for 33 years in Bolivia. In her retirement, she hopes to research and write a book mapping the history of the Guarni people, whom she served on her mission.

"The history books that are written, up to now, were written from the point of view of the conquerors, not so much of those who were vanquished," she said, "so I'd like to find out about the family life of the early Guarni people, the women, in particular and their experience in the mission."

She added that she plans to visit Bolivia after her retirement.

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