Hampton hears feedback on overlay project

The Hampton City Council thanked supporters of higher education during the College Decision Day proclamation at their meeting on April 13. TRAVIS FISCHER/HAMPTON CHRONICLE

     The Hampton City Council approved the contract and bond for the HMA Street Overlay Improvements Project during their regular meeting on Thursday, April 13.

     Hampton resident Sandra Brouwer presented the council with a petition regarding the decision to install colored crosswalks downtown as part of the overlay project. As the street overlay is done this summer, downtown crosswalks will be colored and textured, making them stand out as pedestrian crossings.

     The colored crosswalks drew the attention of Brouwer, who felt that the money spent on the crosswalks could be better applied elsewhere. Brouwer surveyed fellow members of the community and came to the council with a 53 signature petition asking that the city not go through with that aspect of the project.

     The estimate for colored cement crosswalks consists of approximately $190,000 of the $752,000 project. Brouwer argued that the money spent on coloring the crosswalks would be better spent resurfacing other streets in the community in need of attention.

    Read the full article in the April 19 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.