Geneva School renovation efforts push forward despite vandalisms

Recent vandalism has caused setbacks in efforts to revitalize the Geneva School grounds.

Tonya Sanders, Geneva Betterment Vice President, said vandals etched words and scribbled on the glass of the school doors. Windows at the bus barn were a broken for the second time.

“Not only are these set-backs expensive, it is also extremely discouraging for our non-profit group,” she said. “Our group runs entirely on volunteers and volunteers are hard to come by.”

She added that the school is a frequent target for vandal-ism. Broken windows, re-placement glass, chalkboards, lighting and thefts during break-ins have caused the committee to spend funds on repairs instead of renovation efforts. Despite the setbacks, Sanders said the group is pushing forward with its goal.

“We are trying very hard to keep a positive attitude as our feet are constantly being swept out from underneath us,” she said.

Read the full story in the December 6 edition.