Franklin County Rental Market Analysis

Franklin County Senior Housing Demand 2016-25

This article is part of a larger series that will break up the data provided in Franklin County Housing study into smaller sections, putting their impact into context of the multiple forces at work when it comes to the Franklin County housing market. For context, this story summarizes the study’s analysis of the rental market. Future articles will breakdown the numbers in this story further for understanding.

The Franklin County Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis study, revealed in May, came to the conclusion that over 600 units of housing, either from rental, senior or market-owned will be needed through 2025 to both handle current market pressure and withstand future trends. Maxfield Research and Consulting took an in-depth look at the market in three areas: general occupancy rental, senior housing and for sale housing. Because senior housing is classified as rentable, it was looped in as part of the larger rental market. This article separates the two markets for clarity.

Read the full article in the July 12 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.