The flu isn't done ripping through communities, CDC states

The Centers for Disease Control has recently announced that the season of home-stricken children, adults being forced into absenteeism at work, and the exponentially rapid spread of influenza pathogens is far from over. In fact, the CDC predicted that the worst is yet to come.

Local healthcare providers said that the immediate area is not immune to the spike in influenza cases. Tonya Root, Nurse Lead of Infection Prevention at Franklin General Hospital in Hampton, observed an influx of patients with influenza at FGH.

The outbreak isn't something to be taken lightly at Franklin General. Last week, the hospital announced it has entered Level 3 Visitor Restrictions.

These restrictions imply the following: anyone with a respiratory or influenza like illness (ILI) cannot visit hospital patients; pediatric patients can only be visited by parents; and patients in isolation for ILI related cases are only to be visited by their significant other and/or parents.

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