First Bank Hampton files for collection of debts against the Peters

First Bank Hampton filed a petition in the Franklin County District Court on Nov. 16, demanding payment on three promissory note counts and one equipment loan in the name of Roger, Kaye and Travis Peters, according to Iowa Court documents, totaling over $220,000 in accrued debt.

This past June, Roger and Kaye Peters, Hampton, were found liable to pay $3.45 million to the Exchange Bank of Missouri (EBM), as well as the bank’s litigation and attorney fees, as part of a legally binding account agreement signed by both Roger and Kaye Peters with the bank, according to Iowa court documents.

Upon the court’s issuing of a ruling of judgment on Aug. 7, 2017, Roger and Kaye Peters were to pay $3,455,626.67 to EBM, as well as the bank’s attorney fees totaling $151,419.72, plus total interest of $160,058.01, plus $315.24 in interest, per day, on the outstanding judgment, according to court documents.

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