Enjoy the arts this summer

Editorial: The air in Franklin County this summer is already filled with the sound of fun, music and excitement.

Last week, the Hampton Municipal Band kicked off its season and Christian artist Jason Gray graced the stage at Band Shell Park. Tuesday on the Town began this week and La Luz’s Gran Festival is back for its third year Saturday. Later this week, the three day Hampton Bluegrass Festival kicks off.

The celebrations and concerts this week will be followed by months of town celebrations, the Franklin County Fair and more events that encourage use to get outside and celebrate the arts the area has to offer.

These festivals are a testament to the countless volunteers and organizations of the area that strive to make sure that the people of Franklin County have access to a wide array of activities and promoting Franklin County to out of town visitors. Planning these events takes invaluable time and resources. We need to make sure we are doing our part to support these events through attendance and even volunteering and providing our own resources if needed or when possible.

The importance of these events goes beyond the cause they benefit or the reason for holding them. It’s a chance to promote our cities’ parks and public areas while providing increased traffic for local businesses. These celebrations not only provide entertainment, they help our communities thrive.

The more people that show up and help out at these events, the more it shows that this is a community ready to support entertainment. With sustained and growing support for music, shows and everything in between, the possibilities for what comes to town are endless.