Educational court is in session: Supreme Court Justice visits H-D

Iowa Supreme Court Justice Edward Mansfield visited Hampton-Dumont High School last week and explained his role in the Iowa court system. GREG FORBES/HAMPTON CHRONICLE

Iowa Supreme Court Justice Edward Mansfield last week visited Hampton-Dumont High School and explained his job in a way to which students could relate.

Using examples of a high school football player who was found to have possession of a firearm on school property and a baseball player who suffered a brain injury from a foul ball, Mansfield described some of the challenges and how he and his seven Supreme Court justice col-leagues make decisions in difficult situations.

“When we decide a case after we heard the arguments of a case, the seven of us will get around a table in a conference room, we’ll talk about the case and each of us will tentatively vote,” he said. “One judge is assigned as the writer and that judge’s job is go back and write a decision for the case.”

He continued that the judges’ duty is to consider the findings of the case along with laws and other governing factors as decided by the state.

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