Drainage woes could get expensive in Latimer

Drainage District to weigh options with engineer report 

     The Latimer Council gave its vow of approval to the Franklin County Supervisors for an engineer’s report to be conducted on drainage district laterals in the city. Supervisor Gary McVicker and county drainage engineer Lee Gallentine attended the regular meeting of the city council to provide insight into the condition of drainage problem areas, and steps for remediation.

     Dating back to record rainfalls in the late summer of 2016, both residents of Latimer and the city experienced greater instances of flooding in basements and in storm drains. A preliminary investigation by Gallentine in November narrowed the problem to two drainage laterals, Lateral 73, Lateral 73A and one of the city’s manholes. Lateral 73 — West Lateral — runs in the area of Charles and South Donovan Streets. Lateral 73A — East Lateral — runs along Van Kirk St.

      Since the November visit, Gallentine has attempted to jet the West Lateral in an attempt to restore flow of water to the area. There was previously an obstruction to the tile, caused by a septic tank that has since been removed. After jetting a portion of the tile, flow to the tile was restored to ¼ of capacity.

    Read the full article in the April 19 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.