DNR official says Beeds Lake beach was never closed due to E. coli levels

     An Iowa Department of Natural Resources official has refuted a statement made by local state park Ranger Terry Manning about Beeds Lake beach being closed 50 percent of the weekends this past summer.

     The DNR held on Aug. 29 an informational meeting with public about the water quality problems at local recreation spot Beeds Lake.

     The meeting was attended by scientists from the DNR, about 30 interested members of the public and Manning.

     During the meeting, Manning told the audience that the beach at Beeds Lake was "closed 50 percent of weekends" this past summer due to elevated and dangerous E. coli bacteria levels.

     The comment it turns out was false, according to DNR water quality expert Jason McCurdy.

Read the full article in the Sept. 11 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.