Democrats, Republicans caucus Monday

Franklin County Republicans gathered at Hampton-Dumont High School Monday for the 2018 midterm caucus. GREG FORBES/HAMPTON CHRONICLE

Monday's storm didn't stop Franklin County Democrats and Republicans from participating in their respective party's caucus.

This year, prospective voters caucused for a number of candidates at the state and local level. Seats included Iowa Governor, Iowa House of Representative and Senate, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of State, State Auditor and Franklin County positions.

The caucus allows both parties to discuss what they would like to see in the upcoming election cycle ahead of the county conventions in March, where the parties will elect delegates to go on to the district conventions to decide the primary race before the general election.

More than 20 Republicans ventured out to Hampton-Dumont High School for the caucus despite the weather. Karen Zander, Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party, said although 2018 is not a Presidential election year, off-year election cycles are still important. Elected officials in this cycle influence the government and economy for Franklin County voters.

"Debate is good because then we get our issues voiced that we want and that communication…it's good to keep the government from over-regulating and getting too many rules for us," she said. "It's just the debate and how they go about making decisions is good."

The Republican caucus also decided platforms for the county convention and elected individuals to the central committee. Zander said platforms this year could include opposition to government payment for abortions, education and everything in between.

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