City of Sheffield hopes to contract neighboring communities' city attorney


The City of Sheffield has found promise in a potential new city attorney, and spoke of developing a contract for Brian Miller, of Miller and Miller in Hampton, at their city council meeting last evening.

Miller is currently the city attorney for the communities of Meservey, Aredale and Dumont. He is familiar with the Sheffield community, according to city officials. His wife is a magistrate judge in Hampton.

According to Mayor Ed Mouw, the city of Dumont has been satisfied with Miller's approximate six years of service.

"He does a very good job in court…He is always organized," Mouw said. "I've been very pleased with his actions since he's been with us."

City officials and representatives from the public all agreed that Miller is a very thorough and professional individual.

"He's a fresh breath of air and new ideas," said one citizen.

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