Car chase damages 6 police vehicles; ends in drug bust Jan. 4

Franklin County’s rookie police dog Sarge landed the first drug bust of his career after a multi-department car chase led to the alleged discovery of methamphetamine on Jan. 4.

     Officers from the Mason City Police Department, Iowa State Patrol, Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office were led on a winding car chase that began in Mason City and ended just north of Dows. Todd Hambly, 33, Swaledale, damaged numerous law enforcement vehicles as he tried to evade his pursuers, even ramming one vehicle head-on during the chase. Officers eventually disabled Hambly’s truck and arrested him on a long list of charges.

     “You typically don’t see this many vehicles involved, but it’s not out of the ordinary for vehicles to sustain damages,” said Iowa State Patrol Lieutenant Dan Schaffer.

Read the full article in the January 15 edition of the Hampton Chronicle.