CAL fourth grade teacher to step down after 42 years in education

CAL fourth grade instructor Bill Parker reads with students during one of Parker’s final days as an educator. He will retire at the end of this year after 40 years in education. GREG FORBES/HAMPTON CHRONICLE

Something about the pace of life in Iowa converted Indiana native Bill Parker to a future lifelong resident of the Hawkeye State.

Parker, a fourth-grade teacher at CAL, said he first came to Iowa as a student at William Penn University in Oskaloosa and knew he had found a new home.

“In the northwest corner of Indiana, everything is really fast. If someone says they’ll pick you up at 6 p.m., you better ready at 5:30 because they’re going to pick you up then,” he said. “Out here when I came to college in Iowa, when they would say we’re going to go downtown at 8 p.m., if we got going by 9 p.m., that was pretty good.

“That change of pace was what I thought was really fun,” he added.

That pace of life and the small town, community-oriented feel of rural Iowa eventually led Parker to a 40-plus year teaching career in Iowa’s public school system. But now, after a three-year stint as a fourth-grade teacher at CAL, Parker said he plans to retire after the final bell sounds this week.

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