Behn Brothers’ viral video shows farming, family fun

Kevin, Larry and Bruce Behn

When Kevin Behn uploaded the Behn Brothers’ annual harvest video to the Facebook page, he didn’t expect hun-dreds of thousands of views and a national audience, but that is what happened.

Each year, the brothers – Kevin, Larry and Bruce – shoot a music video about the harvest season on Bruce’s rural Hampton farm. Kevin said the videos typically gen-erate around 500 views, but this year’s gathered far more attention than usual as the video gathered thousands of views nationwide.

This year’s video was set to the band NSYNC’s hit “Here We Go” and featured the brothers dancing and sing-ing, complete with custom-ized, farm-related lyrics and corncobs shaped like micro-phones. Between shots of the brothers’ animated choreogra-phy, cameras captured scenes of the harvest process from morning to night on Bruce’s farm.

Kevin said at first, the video received the usual laughs, comments and shares from friends and family. Then, on Nov. 8, AgDay tel-evision featured the video on its morning broadcast. The video was then picked up and shared on Ag Daily’s Face-book page and a call from TIME Magazine followed. He said the views skyrocketed when Des Moines’ KCCI news channel featured the video, which generated a quar-ter-million views.

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