Artist completes Franklin County Freedom Rock in Coulter

Artist Ray “Bubba” Sorensen works on the Franklin County Freedom Rock in Coulter. Sorensen, who has painted a rock in 80 counties so far, finished Franklin County’s rock last week. GREG FORBES/HAMPTON

Each brush stroke artist Ray “Bubba” Sorensen makes on the Franklin County Freedom Rock has a purpose.

Etching out and painting scenes and figures from Franklin County’s military history, as he has in 79 other counties already, Sorensen said he is constantly reminded of the sacrifices the men and women who have served the country have made.

“I get to immerse myself into the lives of these men and women that have made incredible sacrifices for our country,” he said. “I have an incredible feeling of gratitude and thankfulness where we can go to the mall, go watch a movie with our kids and not really have to worry and we owe a lot of people a debt of gratitude for that.”

Sorensen was set to put the finishing touches on Franklin County’s rock, which sits near the cemetery in Coulter, last week. This marks the 80th county in which Sorenson has painted a rock on his tour to complete one in all 99 counties.

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